Tuesday, 8 June 2010


The exams will soon be over so what will you do with all that time on your hands. How about some summer reading? Teachers and university lecturers up and down the land complain that students do not read. Prove them wrong. But what to read??? As a history student why not a history book? You could try something covering the history of the world in just 300 pages; or a whole book about just thirteen days. You can read about the end of history; or look at how the subject started in a very different way from today. You can look at a different type of history or read something for your A2 units. you can read a history mystery and go into a period you know nothing about. There is political history; economic history; social history. Even the history of the World Cup! So you have no excuse. Me, I'm looking forward to sun, sea, sand and "Bobby and J Edgar" by Burton Hersh.

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