Saturday, 22 May 2010


OK as a teenager you are likely to use the summer for sun, sea and extra shifts at Tesco. But as a history student you could visit a couple of museums. Maybe it sounds a bit geeky but you are doing history and you really love the subject!(?) And didn't someone say the geek would inherit the earth. Even summer gets boring sometimes and you might be surprised how much you will enjoy it. And on a very practical level it is something to put on your university application.
Manchester Museum still has its amazing Darwin extravaganza where you can find out about the life and work of one of the world's most important thinkers. At the IWMN you can take in the life of sailors at war. And the Museum of Science and Industry has a range of historical characters telling you about their lives, including James Watt and William Huskisson, politician and first victim of a railway accident. Studying history can encompass science, technology, politics, war, the family. These exhibitions can give you just a taste.

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